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What new feline should I put into Ice? 

10 deviants said Clouded Leopard/Ocelot
5 deviants said Sand Cat
4 deviants said Asian Golden Cat
3 deviants said Andean Mountain Cat
No deviants said GIVE ME IDEAS


Sat May 7, 2016, 12:55 PM


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*Bonus* If anyone decides to help me out with getting the Member ship you'll get everything on the list times 3.

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EBC: First Battle by Awesomesauce2014
EBC: First Battle
The day Alukard took his brother and sister for the first time to the Arena, he had been sick. Ronnie was horrible disappointed that he didn't get to go with his brother. It was suppose to be an awesome thing with his brother, and he didn't get to go! But Alukard promised his other son that he would take Ronnie just the two of them when the felt better. When he was feeling better, Alukard took him to a battle where the bounty hunter Hiro was battling in. Instantly Ronnie took a liking to him. Hiro was strong, but fast. Ronnie was on his feel the whole time and once Hiro won, Ronnie called out to show his support.

RoRo is now an apprentice!

EP goes to Ronnie
EBC: Zita the Pirate by Awesomesauce2014
EBC: Zita the Pirate
Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!

Zita the Pirate




Arrow left Name: Zita
  • Meaning: Young girl, Seeker, or Saint
  • Nicknames: Silver Tooth

Arrow left Identification: Female

  • Preferred pronouns: She, her, hers

Arrow left Age: 4 years

  • Birthdate: May 22, 49 BC
  • Zodiac: Gemini
  • Starting age: 4 years

Arrow left Appearance: Read below

  • Species: Clouded Ocelot (Clouded Leopard/Ocelot)
  • Fur length: Short
  • Build: Athletic
  • Pelt texture: Soft
  • Fur Color: Grey
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Height: 1 ft.
  • Weight: 30 lbs.

Arrow left Scent: Salt Water

Arrow left Voice: Keira Knightly

  • Singing voice:

Arrow left Items:

  • Scarf; Given to her by the Captain
  • Captain's hat; *Doesn't wear* Given to her by her Captain
  • Necklace; Stolen from the first ship she raided
  • Gloves; Stolen
  • Ropes on front legs; Given to her by her mother
  • Belt; Given by a crew mate
  • Leg bag; Given by crew mate
  • Braids; *Colors may change* Braided by the Captain





  • Grey Fur
  • Green eyes
  • Round ears
  • Pink Nose
  • Grey spots


  • Three toned fur
  • Long hair
  • Short tail
  • Back 'Leggings'
  • Eye Markings


  • Blue eyes
  • Brownish Gray fur




Arrow left Empire:
Ice Empire
  • Rank: Gladiator
  • Past ranks: None
  • Part of the Group since: May of 45 BC
  • Past Affiliation: Pirate

Arrow left Sexuality: Demiseuxal

  • Romantic attraction: Biromantic

Arrow left Love life:

  • Mate: None
  • Past mates: None
  • Cubs:
  • Attraction(s) Physical:
    • Tall
    • Bright eyes
    • Dull Fur
    • Lots of accessories/Scars
  • Attraction (s) Personality:
    • Determined
    • Cunning
    • Kind
    • Leader
  • Interested in:

Arrow left Favorite: 

  • Smell: Salt Water
  • Prey: Fish
  • Place: Crater Lake
  • Sound: Swords clashing
  • Color: Purple





| Adventurous | Curious | Heroic |
  • Adventurous
    • "Come on, let's go have some explorin'!"
      • Zita has always lived a life of adventure, so being a place that's not as...eventful as her old life, she loves to drag others along to have some fun. She doesn't have much of a realization of danger, so she tends to get herself and others into some trouble. But for the most part, they are harmless trips.
  • Curious
    • "Ahoy! What's that over thar!?"
      • Zita is insanely curious about everything new. Being new to the Empire, she wants to know what every little thing is around the territory. Especially if its shiny. If don't want to loose your shiny things, hide them. If Zita notices something shiny, she is very curious about it, and usually will take it.
  • Heroic
    • "Ahoy! You! Yeah you! Leave that cub alone! You'll be wishin' I sent ya ta Davy Jone's locker if ya don't!"
      • Despite having been a pirate, Zita can be quite the hero when she wants to be. Just don't ever call her a hero, as she hates it. She's not a hero, according to her. She's just doing what she thinks is right, it doesn't mean that she is a hero!

| Eccentric | Cunning |

  • Eccentric
    • "Ya think I'm weird. Well, I'd rather be weird than borin'."
      •  Zita is very...strange. It comes from being raised as a pirate, well the pirates on her ship were very strange as well so it's not surprise. Zita has no problem with others thinking she's weird. She's happy with who she is, and that's all that matters to the pirate!
  • Cunning
    • "Try ta catch me now, ya damn hunter!"
      • Having been raised as a pirate, Zita is very talented when it comes to evading. She's had to learn how to be quick and get her way out of things.

| Deceitful | Calculating |
Procrastinating |

  •  Deceitful
    • "Ahoy there, watcha ya got there? Its mighty shiny. Oh what's that there, 's got a scratch. 's useless now. Might as well just give it ta me."
      •  Zita might seem all nice and sweet on the inside, but she's still a pirate. Once she's got her sights on something that she likes, she'll try whatever she can to get it. She'll be all nice, until she finds a flaw and will convince the owner to give it to her.
  •  Calculating
    •  "All we have ta do, is sneak up on the hunter and knock them in the back of their head. It'll knock them right out It'll be easy."
      • Zita is insanely ruthless. Her plans always end up a little rough. She can be a little bit more...gentle in her plans, but for the most part she is very physical, but her plans are always very thought out.
  • Procrastinating
    • "Nah, I'll just do it tamorrow."
      • Zita has a nasty habit for putting things off. She'll put it off and put it off and put it off until it either is too late or someone is yelling at her for not finishing it. She'll usually do it very lazy about doing it as well.




[ A Pirate's life For Me ]

Zita's life starts far far away. Her mother, Aiyana later named Cherish by the pirates, had originally been trapped by fur traders in Asia. They began their journey to England, where they would be dropping her off for her fur. It didn't last long, however. She wasn't one to be able to be kept hostage. So once they docked, Cherish ran. She saw there was a distraction with one of the other felines, so and she ran. And she ran. And ran. Until she no longer saw the boat. After that, she met an ocelot named Percius. She fell for him rather quickly, though she knew he didn't love her, but was just attractive to her looks. She soon found herself pregnant, and not to long after Percius disappeared. Cherish wasn't that upset about it, but the area was soon over ran with humans, so she left. She was still heavily pregnant, and she soon came up a small harbor. In the harbor, she saw an abandoned ship. Despite being caged in a ship, Cherish loved being out at sea. So when she saw the abandoned ship, she thought it was the perfect place to give birth. What she didn't expect was that the ship wasn't actually abandoned. It was in the harbor to hide it from army men. It was hidden away by pirates. When the pirates came back and saw Cherish, they fell in love with her. She was beautiful. The Captain more than anything fell in love with her. And oddly enough, Cherish fell in love with them as well. She knew they weren't like the cruel trappers that nearly had her killed. A month later, she gave birth to one beautiful girl that they named Zita.

[ A Storm is a brewing ] 
Zita and Cherish lived happily on the ship for about a year. Zita was constantly around Captain Sydney. They were the best of friends. He even began to teach her the ways of being a pirate. However, not to long after Zita turned one there was a nasty storm. Half of the crew was swept away by the huge waves, including Cherish. Zita was heart broken, and it was then Sydney began to truly take Zita under his wing. He taught her how to understand a map, and understand the human language. She still doesn't completely understand how it is spoken, but she is still able to understand a little bit. And it was decided by the crew that on her second birthday, she would raid her first ship.       

[ The Story of Silver Tooth ]
She was two when she went on her first raid. It was a simple ship. One full of rich citizens. The men of the ship were quick to invade the ship and Zita was sent to gather the jewelry. Having been given a bag to keep everything in. When she entered on of the rooms with a lot of jewelry in, one of the guard attacked her. She attacked the man, but she soon felt the butt of the sword smack into her mouth. Enraged because of the pain, Zita lunged at his throat and killed him. She grabbed the jewelry she could and ran back to the crew. They didn't leave the ship completely dead, leaving some women and the captain alive. When she got back to the ship, the crew noticed her missing tooth. The blacksmith decided to make her a tooth out of the silver she collected, and Sydney let her keep all of the jewelry. Though she tends to wear the one with the blue jewel. And after the tooth was finished being made, she gained the name Silver Tooth.    

[ The ship has been sunk ]
For almost two years Zita and her crew sailed the seas. Gaining treasure, drinking rum and having a good time. But, all ships must dock at one time. Even if its by force. A Greek Army ship had seen the pirate's ship on the edge of Massilia, and managed to capture it. They had heard of the ship, and the one called Silver Tooth. They knew that Silver Tooth was a powerful feline, and they not only wanted the pirates hung but they wanted to but the feline into the arenas. Not wanting his beloved clouded ocelot to be tortured or killed by the army, Sydney made sure she could escape. With canons hitting the ships, Sydney placed his hat on Zita's head and picked her up. He told her how much he cared for her, Zita understanding nearly perfectly. She understood that she needed to go, but her heart broke with the fact that Sydney would not come. She started to fight, wanting to stay, but Sydney had already thrown her over board. Having been a very talented swimmer, she swam as fast as she could. When she came upon Shadow Empire's territory. Not wanting to stay very long, as she felt like she was too close to the city, Zita began her swim again. She preferred to travel by water anyways...She would stop every now and then. Though she never stayed very long. It wasn't until she stopped by the river near Ice Empire's camp was she convinced to stay. A lioness by the name of Chara had seen her swimming, and resting and offered her to take her back to camp. Wanting to be around others again, even though they weren't humans or pirates, Zita decided to join.




Arrow left Current: 
  • Mentors:
  • Apprentices:

Arrow left Past: 

  • Mentors:
  • Apprentices:





father; ocelot; deceased;

mother; clouded leopard; alive; Rome

Cecil TsundereRaptor 
sister; ocebob; alive; Rome

brother/sister; species; alive/deceased; Location

species; alive/deceased; Location

adopted sister/brother/mother/father;
species; alive/deceased; Location


Fun Facts


  • Loves rum
  • Loves shiny things
  • Steals often, so hide your things that are shiny
  • Loves sea water
  • Loves to swim 




Arrow left Title of Album:



* Pending
Rose  Mate/true love 
Heart Blood Family
jsenn the belovedAdopted Family
Death Dead
Frail Missing
Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Uncertain / Nervous / Confused
Bullet; White Neutral
Bullet; Blue Acquaintance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Close Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friend
Bullet; Yellow Platonic Love
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Crush
Bullet; Pink Romantic Love
Bullet; Red Annoyance / Slight Dislike
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Hatred
Bullet; Orange Trusts
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Broken Trust
Star!Star!- Mentor   
Star!- Apprentice
Bullet; Black Scared
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Terrified
Bullet; Purple Respect
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple Admiration


Empire Points

EBC: Breath in Breath out by Awesomesauce2014
EBC: Breath in Breath out
Today was the day. Today was the day of the mock hunt. Today was the day she would become a Hunter. Looking at Shadow, who was waiting for her, Lux stopped and closed her eyes. She took a deep breath in, then breathed out. She opened her eyes and looked at Shadow again. "I'm ready." She said and began to the hunt.

OMG!~ Lux is done! She's a hunter now! :D

EP to Lux


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